Covering Foundation “L’incontournable” – Color Beige Sable – Matifying – 24H holding


Your foundation doesn’t cover enough? It doesn’t apply easily? Do you have to reapply your makeup several times a day because it doesn’t last long? Change all this!

Choose the quality and Test the “Must Have” foundation from LP Makeup! Its matte formula is very covering and will delight you. It is indicated both for your daily makeup and for your special events.

LP Makeup’s “L’Incontournable” Foundation will deliver 24-hour makeup. You will not have to reapply makeup several times a day. Do not hesitate anymore and order it!

The formula of “L’Incontournable” Foundation will bring you a unified, fresh, natural and flawless complexion. You will be enchanted! Don’t wait any longer. Order it!